Strength and Conditioning for Runners – 2 Days Beginner Plan

Strength and Conditioning for Runners

This article discusses why strength and conditioning is important for runners and how should beginners incorporate it into their routine. Running is probably the most common form of exercise and competition; it has many races of different lengths and levels of toughness. From short sprints to long-distance marathons to highly demanding trail runs; all kinds …

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Kalaripayattu: Boosting Sports Performance with 3000-Year-Old Ancient Martial Art


Kalaripayattu, the ancient Indian martial art, offers athletes several benefits. It enhances flexibility, agility, mental focus, and injury prevention. The personalized training through the Guru-Shishya tradition ensures individual attention. Incorporating Kalaripayattu into athletic training improves physical and mental abilities, making it a valuable addition to athletes in all sports.

Sports Tech: Nextiles Smart Fabric

Nextiles is a pioneering company merging sports and technology, offering Smart Fabric for real-time athlete performance insights. Their patented fabric sensor platform captures biomechanical and biometric data, enabling baseline player health monitoring, arm health metrics, athlete readiness testing, and scalable software for remote monitoring. With a focus on professional athletes and innovative performance insights, Nextiles is set to disrupt the athletic performance industry. [Source:]

Talent Identification in India: Balancing Promises with Challenges

talent identification

This academic exploration delves into the advantages and challenges of implementing Talent Identification (TID) programs in India. TID programs promise to unlock untapped potential, but face challenges like resource allocation and societal barriers. To enhance effectiveness, a holistic approach with inclusive talent searches, cultural sensitization, and a focus on holistic athlete development is recommended.