About Us

A media and information website as you all know, this is a small and humble start to what we at SportX expect will be a long and extremely fruitful venture.

Our Aims

  1. The Medical industry has all but one goal, to improve the quality of life of people, there are tremendous amounts of information which people aren’t aware of. This blog is going to post the latest research as well debate on more fancier topics too.
  2. Medics themselves do not know how to create a successful startup because of extreme technical knowledge but lack of management skills, this blog is also going to start with online business consultation services albeit slowly
  3. Medical tourism and medical history is something we need to be aware of as we learn from the past and heal the future. This blog is going to start with that too.
  4. Extra/Additional skills a physio might possess can sometimes prove to be extremely beneficial. This blog will invest a considerable amount of time in explaining why all medical professionals need to learn a language or instrument or deal in rural places or help with NGO/charity.


Parallel projects necessary for progression:

  1. Initiation of a think tank, to provide more ingenious ideas and make the upcoming physios more interested and invested in our own brand and company. These people will be the head of ideas based on practical aspects and will not be concerned with networking or branding.
  2. Initiation of an on-field research team for more medical travels and tourism across the world. Much of this experiment will be based on the profits of website.

Future Scope

  1. The blog should be producing enough site traffic for us to host a website eventually.
    The blog will also be accompanied by instagram, FB and linked in posts to initate discussions and also attract crowd. Adsense will take care of revenue for the time.
  2. The website progression will also add different podcasts, videos and interviews from different professionals all around the world.
  3. An online journal is something I am still considering, this will require a dedicated team and multiple content creators from all over the world. We all know how forbes magazine is, this will be a kind of forbes magazine for the entire medical industry.
  4. The last thing over a website will be to host live seminars (webinars) and educational sessions for our members making the site more interactive and more productive.